Abusers Hate UBI

Decipher City
7 min readFeb 5, 2022

During the global crises, many people have undergone a radical paradigm shift while realizing that they have been forced to go it alone. The number of billionaires has increased, along with a rising number of unhoused, deaths among the working class, and price gouging based on the premise that some people are always entitled to profits. At this point in time, it has been made abundantly clear that those with control and resources are incapable of caring less about those beneath them because of their ceaseless desire for more, and their frustration at the limitations of reality. The number of abusers and enablers has been laid bare for everyone to see, and practitioners of the dominant narrative hate when people are able to see how little there is to them. Because of all this, universal basic income and healthcare have been revealed as the monster under the bed of the wealthy, since only abusers hate those concepts.

At the beginning of the two-year period of the pandemic, the United States was already in trouble because people were beginning to realize that those with control resources had no plan but “more.” When disaster truly began to take effect on the population, no decisions were being made and at the time, the excuse was Cult45, which mobilized countless people risking death to such an extent that legislation had to be drafted to prevent a repeat. Once Biden was elected, there was stall after stall after stall, but we were told that this situation was going to be so much better since he was going to be in office. Instead, all we have seen is that mainstream media is paid by his benefactors, so we were never going to receive the results of critical thinking, and we were never going to have decisions made by someone who saw everyone in in the country as a human being.

Terrorists were so threatened by the mere presence of being told “No” that the country was filled with fake defiance over mere social etiquette. BIPOCQ residents heard “social distancing” and figured that we were going to be relatively safe without being harassed in public spaces, and were ecstatic to a certain extent. We were reminded that we were still designated targets since people felt entitled to get in our face, and demanded that we smile about it. Both COVID deaths and violence have risen among BIPOCQ populations, and government on all levels continues to shrug its shoulders and telling us to grin and bear it for “important conversations.” People came to our homes, while we were out exercising, while we were at work, when we were at convenience stores, and made sure that we understood that we deserved nothing less than constant harassment.

More insulting than our continued existence was the thought of people avoiding hospitalization with unemployment and stimulus checks. Businesses were given stupid amounts of money to “recuperate losses,” and fired people like it was going out of style, bought their own stock to fake “demand,” and continued to give themselves bonuses. However, for $3200 over two years, the elite expected that nothing about their lifestyles should change, and everyone should worship even harder for “stimulus” under the poverty threshold. Anyone who lost a job and failed to go back to work was cruelly mocked with the cancellation of unemployment in order to force people back to work to endure more abuse. Inflation is only happening because people had the gall to consume less and take care of ourselves while ignoring those who were dismissive about whether we lived or died.

All that has transpired over the global crises have unveiled three truths about society at large. First and foremost, the elite love the control they have over others, and the enabling of their maladaptive behavior. Should we return back to work? Should schools be shut down? Should people wear a mask in public and control their impulses, leaving people alone to live their lives? No, apparently, because the control over being able to make people homeless, starve, or die is much more enticing to abusers than societal equilibrium where we learn more about ourselves and confront our insecurities. Public and private entities have done nothing more than promote the lie that everything would be fine “if people really wanted it,” and detractors are dismissed at fearmongering because we dare to suggest that there is more to life than constant consumption. Many relationships have been destroyed beyond repair due to the requirement that everyone enable these monsters to continue manipulating everyone at our own expense.

Second, people who have done anything other than perpetuate the dominant narrative have been severely punished, and nobody has stood up for us in any substantive way. People are in more distress than we have ever been in our lives, but abusers want us to rush back to their fairgrounds and keep the carnival running while impulsively making the carnival harder to run. They would ask, “How dare you demand to disengage from the cesspool that we have created? How dare you question our authority to control your existence? How dare you do anything other than remark on how wonderful we are in public?” Even among ourselves, too many people cannot fathom any world other than caving to the monsters, which is how we accepted $400 less from a segregationist that people braved a pandemic to elect while more people are being disenfranchised. Nobody is allowed to mention that we are in distress because that would negate the lies that elites have told themselves.

Third of all, universal basic income and healthcare are ways to tell abusers to go fuck themselves. Domestic violence has increased under the global crises because people have been home to realize that their partners are sociopaths who like stirring pots that are not even on the stove. On other hand, divorces and people giving up on romance altogether have exploded because people finally recognize that control is not love. Wages remain stagnant and Congress voted against increasing the minimum wage, but people are still resigning and refusing to go back to environments where they were treated as subhumans. Many people got vaccinated and boosted, and are quarantining at home because we would rather isolate than hope that aggressive tyrants learn how to respect our boundaries. All with eyes to see are noticing that the only thing keeping us tethered to harm is the constant extraction from resources we lack, and we finally stopped being so busy with our mental gymnastics to justify things.

However, even though many have enjoyed an awakening, we also need to be aware that we hold some mythology of our own. Too many of us believe that addressing any of these issues will feel good, and we need to respect that pain is going to be a part of our existence for a long time, even if universal basic income and healthcare arrived tomorrow. Damage has been done, and there is no earthly way that we will be able to fix problems without having to endure some pain because abusers do not relinquish their control without a fight. They will punish us every step of the way even if it makes life easier for them because all they see is their incapacity to financially abuse us. BIPOCQ people have known this for a long time, which is why we were willing to wait as long as we have.

Another myth is that people will wait around forever for these changes to occur, and will maintain social graces while we wait. Already internet tolerance is beginning to diminish, and people are getting away from others who get off on causing strife. Abusers conveniently forget that nobody asked for their abuse, and we are not responsible for keeping delusions intact. More relationships will deteriorate and/or end, which is one of the reasons that there have finally been writers encouraging folks to break contact and stop participating in social farces for the sake of “peace.” Even therapists are ending their relentless crusades to keep people in toxic relationships because they see that we let too many people get away with being emotional terrorists for too long. Abusers are codependent, which means that they need our tacit consent, but we are allowed to remove our consent and protect ourselves.

Finally, many of us believe that once the proper social infrastructure is in place, everyone will progress as if nothing happened, and nobody will be held to account. I maintain a blog on race and the built environment, and only that, and even if we just fixed the physical infrastructure, the environmental destruction of the past would still have to addressed. Trauma harms people and lingers within, and pretending that we can forget the past that shaped us is how we have lunatics threatening to shoot up school boards and creeps comparing masks to integration sit-ins. EVERYONE could simultaneously self-reflect while doing substantive repair for their behavior, and trust would still be difficult to evoke because trust is earned, not commanded. People failed to realize that it is lonely at the top because nobody should be there, and competition to be the “best” has brought out the worst in all of us, either because we were crowned as the “best” or because we kept feeding the lie that anyone is the “best.”

Escaping strange and dangerous situations is hard, and we are losing our abilities to cope because we lack the resources necessary to cope with the strange and dangerous. Those with resources and a smidgen of compassion need to stop looking around for someone other than themselves to fix the problem. Maybe now is not the time to “get into real estate” because that action is defined by depriving someone of a home. Maybe now is not the time to develop a new product, but to learn to clean up e-waste, plastic, and soil damage. Humanity needs a break and needs it yesterday, and the only way to attain that is for people to stop enabling abusers. We were always fine, but they never loved us, and we need to stay away from them forever.